Renting Villa in Ciudad Quesada, Rojales, Alicante

Villa Balea by
Eva Oscarsson

I am renting out Villa Balea in Ciudad Quesada. However, the villa has been in the family since 1992 and owned by my parents, Agnes and Bertil. Now it is our second home in Spain.
We frequently spend time in the Villa during the long Scandinavian winter and early spring . A kind of work away from home combines with wellbeing. I organized several wellbeing trips to VillaBalea with my friends. On one of those trips two years ago, a group of friends from Sweden, went on a foodie and spa trip. We got to know more about about thermal bath of Murcia and “the crops and gastronomy of Alicante”. For the rest of the year, we rent it out as a vacation home to loving families and groups looking for a quiet and safe vacation. The villa has all the necessary comforts and is ready to receive its next wonderful guests.

Why Villa Balea? By Eva

It is a place where I can form deep relationships with friends, family or colleagues. I like the calm and beautiful environment. I also enjoy the hiking paths I take to the Segura river, and the other paths that lead through the hills of Campo de Guardamar.

One of the essence of Spain is Spanish food. So, every day I try a different unique restaurant in the center of Ciudad Quesada (just 7 minutes walking). Other days when we go on an excursion, I still make sure to try a restaurant in the countryside or in a nearby town. I truly appreciate good Mediterranean dishes and food.

In the spring, I love going to Spain and stay at Villa Balea for a few days. I also love being able to take long walks and spend a sunny day in the garden working on my laptop to simply enjoy life in the open air.

What Villa Balea means to me

I have so many precious memories from when I lived here with my family and when we come for holidays every year. In my blog I wish to share with others my favorite places and things to do in and around Ciudad Quesada. In order for you to create unforgettable memories on your holiday, just like me.

The villa and the studio

The first floor has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room. The studio is on the second floor. It cannot be rented separately, only to the same family or group of friends. Perfect as a generational holiday home.

Get to know Villa Balea

For me, Villa Balea is where you feel comfortable, safe and can be yourself.

The area and surroundings

Villa Balea is close to shopping centers, as well as recreation areas and the countryside.

Villa Balea according to Eva Oscarsson with family and friends

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